GcMAF (Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor) is a Vitamin D binding protein naturally found in the human body.  The function of this protein is to activate, regulate and expand macrophages. Macrophages (M1 and M2) are involved in tissue repair and stimulate immune cells to respond to pathogens; attacking foreign substances, infectious microbes and cancer cells through destruction and ingestion.

This activity can be seen in this video.

An enzyme in the human body, known as Nagalase, has been found to deactivate macrophage activity, thus suppressing the immune system.  The Nagalase enzyme is released by tumor and virus-infected cells and has been reported to accumulate in the serum of cancer and HIV patients.  High Nagalase levels have also been found in many autistic children.

Research has found that immune system dysfunction may play a role in many, if not all, patients with autism.  One recent study found significantly lower levels of cytokines in the plasma of children with autism disorder compared to that of healthy children.  Cytokines are molecules that aid communication between cells for immune responses, stimulating the movement of cells toward sites of inflammation, infection and trauma.

GcMAF has been championed by Dr. Jeff Bradstreet to treat autism.  During his treatment, he has found that 85% of all children improve, 15% recover and another 15% see no difference.  It has been found that GcMAF also reduces high Nagalase levels.

GcMAF is a naturally occurring protein, generated under normal conditions by a fully functioning immune system. It is extracted from donor blood sourced serum gcprotein, screened with FDA approved tests for HBsAg (hepatitis B surface antigen), HCV (Hepatitis C), HBc (Hepatitis B core protein), and HIV 1 & 2.  The final product is also sterilized by passing through a 0.22-µm filter, and potential endotoxins are removed using a detox gel.

There are currently several ways to treat with GcMAF, which is known as immunostimulatory therapy.

1. GcMAF (injectable)

One strength injectable.  Comes in a 2.2mL vile.

2. Bravo Probiotic

Yogurt enriched in powerful immuno-stimulating molecules including GcMAF.  This product must be made/cultured at home, using bovine milk and colostrum. GcMAF that contained in the yogurt is bovine in nature, which is about 86% compatible with human GcMAF.  Mixed results have been seen with this product and early lab tests were unable to pinpoint the GcMAF in the product. As a probiotic, improved gut flora also improves immune system action.

3. GOleic (sublingual drops)

The GOleic is a sublingual gcmaf, combined with oleic acid.  Oleic acid (a component of olive oil) is known to enhance sublingual absorption.  In addition, it is believed that the Gc protein binds to fatty acids, making it more effective in transport to the Vitamin D receptor.

Oleic acid can also be consumed in the diet.  It can be supplemented, with olive oil, coconut oil or MCT oil etc for those who wish to use the injectable version or MAFActive version (below).

4.MAFActive (cream)

MAFACtive is a homeopathic-strength dilution of the vitamin D binding protein.

It was previously available in a spray or dropper and tasted like salt water.  It came in 2 different strengths (220 and 880) allowing lower dosing suitable for autism, CFS and other ailments where an abrupt stimulation of the immune system might give rise to a healing crisis.  New users of MAFActive were suggested to try the lower dose first.

MAFActive was launched to a small group, to see if the delivery via sublingual would be effective. MAFActive was proving very effective for autism – ‘All of the initial group giving feedback on MAFActive Spray or Drops saw gains, from just 1% up to 45% improvement in the ATEC score, averaging at around 23% improvement. No one reported a deterioration using the ATEC score.’

5.  Hygiene and Beauty Products – The massage cream is used as a lymphatic massage. The protein is absorbed into the skin and has given the same outcome as being absorbed sublingually.

Which one was better?

There has been no effective comparative study of the different types of GcMAF. A GcMAF research initiative was set up to allow a comparison of the types, and welcomes feedback from any GcMAF user, including injectables and GOleic.


Dosage of each medium typically depends on body weight and the individual response of each person.  Injections typically start at .01mL and is increased every couple of times, depending on the tolerance of the individual.

Vitamin D3 is typically supplemented in addition to GcMAF.  It is suggested that Vitamin D3 be taken with Vitamin K2. D3/K2

The TRUE Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin D should be about 9000 IU per day. The Institute of Medicine originally recommended 600 IU, which has been determined to have been gravely miscalculated.

Side Effects

Some parents have reported increased urination as side effect, which could be considered a detox mechanism.

Where/how to purchase

Bravo Probiotic – $439 US + $66 shipping US.

Bravo Probiotic


MAFActive Cream or Food Supplement – Low dose GcMAF suitable for autism, CFS, ME, Lyme, etc.  It can also be found at ReactivatedWellness.com.

**The manufacturing of MAFactive products has been interrupted due to questions regarding compliance and registration issues. The problems are not involving the U.S. but will affect distribution. Until further notice the MAFactive creams and toothpaste are not available.  Please consider helping Lesley Hutchings who is facing serious charges in connection with making “illegal medications”, in France, where her home has been raided.**

1st Pro Engineering

Saisei Lab – High dose GcMAF suitable for cancer.  Contact the lab for more information.

GcMAF injectable  is no longer available for purchase.  An explanation can be found at GOV.UK, though there is controversy regarding the statements made in this report.  GcMAF Injectable was Approximately $900 for 2.2mL.  GOleic was Approximately $700 per vial/dropper

GoLeic via FirstImmune



More information

US National Institute of Health Clinical Trial


Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine

Ongoing Research



GcMAF Autism Facebook Group




Health Diagnostics and Research




31 Responses to GcMAF

  1. Grant says:

    Hi with all that you have heard do you have a rough idea on each form compares in effectiveness to each other?

    Also with the prices you have for each form/quantity, how long does each last?

    Thanks very much for your help.

    • Shelley says:

      Unfortunately, the length for which each form lasts is dependent upon the size of the dose that you give. I would greatly suggest joining the GcMAF Facebook page to get more information from families that are currently using the different forms. From what I have seen/heard from other families, the injection and MAF Active spray seem to be more effective than the GoLeic form.

  2. This price is even better than hemp oil that i deal with so I hope the results will be just as good !
    Thansk so much for the info …. Can you included or highlight the UK source of the probiotic.

  3. Marc says:

    …. I would just like to add that I admire this blogger so much! A busy mom! and she still makes the time to share crucial information on the internet to help others! Much love to you and blessings to your family.
    And to all the readers who have found this page out of need, I wish you and your loved ones the best recovery and most vibrant health going forward. May the truth about Nagalese and how it is unknowingly introduced into the bodies of innocent babies, children, men, women, spread faster globally than the FDA can manage. Let every single American stand up to the FDA and those killing innocent health practitioners through the Power of Jesus Christ (I believe His name is protective). Thanks for letting me post.

  4. Great article! I would like to add: http://www.firstproengineering.com to purchase injectables, low and high strenght. They also have sprays that vary from low to high strenght. They ship worldwide!

  5. The Mafactive cream now comes in two strengths. The original cream is low dose so suitable for all including Lyme disease , autism etc with approx 25ng per pea sized application. The frankincense cream is higher strength at about 100ng per application (the same as a 0.25 ml injection of Goleic). There are approx 60 applications per pot. The frankincense cream may be more suitable for cancer. Feedback at http://www.creamfeedback.weebly.com. More details on using the cream at http://gcmafblogspot.weebly.com/blog/using-gcmaf-cream. Distributors listed at http://www.mafactive.eu. Due to the mhra persecution of Gcmaf the plans to obtain approval for the drops as a homeopathic remedy have been abandoned. Thank you for this blog. It is often posted on the Gcmaf Facebook boards and helps many people

  6. Kim says:

    My son is currently taking Argentyn 23, Lymph Tone-III, Natto-Serrazime, Drainage Tone, and ImmunoPRP Spray under the guide of a naturopath to treat Lyme Disease and underlying co-infections. We have seen increased urination under this protocol. I may try the Mafactive cream. Interesting factoid is that my son has been labeled with several diagnoses which all diagnosing physicians said were not a complete fit. We started out with a regressive autism dx followed by mitochondrial dysfunction (WES ruled out primary mitochondrial disease) followed by PANDAS / PANS followed by Lyme Disease & co-infections. We’ve even had full neurological testing to rule out Landau-Kleffner Syndrome and other rare seizure disorders (although my son hasn’t had any visible seizures). His immune system is dysfunctional even though his IgG levels (and its 4 subclasses) are fine. We’ll see what this chapter of healing brings. But I’m hoping that Lyme Disease is the root cause, and full healing is restored to his body.

    • WarriorMom says:

      Kim – how old is your son? He sounds just like my son, now almost 17! My son had massive convulsions within 10 minutes of his 4 mo. and 12 mo. shots. At his 6 mo. shots he had a slight cold but the doctor gave him his shots anyway and my son ended up in the hospital with respiratory distress that led to pneumonia that night. Then my son started to have febrile seizures. At his 15 mo. shots he was inconsolable for three days which led me to having a nervous breakdown. The 15 mo. shots were the final straw for him. We lost more and more of him from there. Diagnosis: encephalitis, PDD-NOS, Regressive Autism, Mitochondrial dysfunction, PANDAS, etc. but no Lymes Disease.

      And to the poster, Shelley —
      With the suspicious death of Dr. Bradstreet last year (he was treating kids with autism with the GcMAF and investigated by FDA)…has this new treatment for autism been proven to work? If so, what type of kids respond best? Are there any permanent side effects (not just increased urination)?

  7. Firstproengineering took my money but suddenly won’t answer emails. Before I wired money they responded almost instantly 9x’s, up until they got my money. Warning!!!

  8. HI, how long does the cream take to work?

  9. http://gcmafblogspot.weebly.com/blog/using-gcmaf-cream shows how to use the cream. Dr Bradstreet reported in his paper that improvements can take 4-8 weeks to be seen, depending on the level of immune suppression. Some people see almost instant changes, others are more subtle as the immune system quietly rebuilds and are better judged by use of the ATEC (free to use at http://www.treatmentchecklists.com)

  10. Paul says:

    I tried the gcmaf yogurt and found that black pepper really increases the bioavailability of the gcmaf. Didn’t notice much from taking the homemade stuff till i ate some peppery potatoes. It is a lot easier to take with the extract piperine though. Also I’ve found any kefir will work with colostrum powder added to it.

    • Kim says:

      Ive also read that kefir will work with colostrum. But Im wondering, how much colostrum powder do you have to put?

  11. Paul says:

    I use about 4 of the 3 gram scooper that came with my colostrum powder per 32oz kefir. I think that works out to a little under two tablespoons per 32oz. I add 1/8tsp of piperine powder to 8oz of the colostrum kefir mix just before drinking. It gets spicy hot if left to sit. I also use stevia powder in mine.

  12. Jackie Reszko says:

    I came across this blog via the LDN Research Trust FB group page and until now hadn’t heard of GCMAF. I have been taking LDN for 3 1/2 months primarily for RA, but also have Hashimoto’s, chronic depression and hypertension, whose root cause are all in autoimmunity originally from my understanding from what I’ve read.

    The LDN hasn’t helped regarding the RA and I’ve now resorted to methotrexate 😞 As I’m sure most of you are aware, this is an immunosuppressant, but with potential horrendous side effects, nor does it heal! As the RA is constant with no respite, I didn’t feel I had any choice in the end especially as I had refused it for months. Does anyone know if GCMAF helps and maybe worth a try with this illness?

  13. Patricia says:

    Leslie, We spoke yesterday at Sheri’s. I want to thank you again for all you’re help I would like to have more info on the support group. Below is my Email. Thanks again.

  14. Its a Facebook group, simply called GcMAF. It is a closed group, you just need to apply to join. Lots of helpful people in there 🙂

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  16. cathy chow says:

    I READ SOMEWHERE (DARN, I CAN’T REMEMBER WHERE) THAT WHEN USING Gcmaf FOR AUTISM IT WAS COMBINED WITH SOMETHING LIKE SOUND THERAPY (by one of the doctors who was very successful)…do you know anything about that?

  17. Lesley says:

    Are you thinking of transcranial sonography, referenced at this paper?


  18. Jennifer says:

    Just received email from Reactivated Wellness yesterday saying all products are unavailable indefinitely. Was just about to order Frankincense version after trying regular MAFActive cream. Love that stuff. Want to soak in a vat of it. “Super” yogurt, raw milk yogurt made with colostrum and high count Garden of Life probiotic (400Billion count), olive oil, “oily” vitamins (A, D, E) + K2, Zinc, not only tasty but works well as a retention enema. Use about 1/4-1/2 Cup. Bypasses stomach acid. Last year, my son with Sanfilippo syndrome developed open wounds on various places on body not subject to pressure that refused to heal (skin would not grow). He also had several bouts of idiopathic anuria (he couldn’t pee, but medicos couldn’t find a reason) and had begun to have severe edema in his feet and legs, and had two episodes where he was in a light coma for a full week. After this, his specialist essentially wrote him off and gave me a form to fill out for end of life care instructions. About 6 weeks ago, I stumbled onto info and YouTube vids about GcMAF. Have been reading, reading, reading ever since. Recently realized that Son had a Flu shot (the first one in years) a couple of months before all this stuff started happening. Have increased his Vit D intake from 5000IU to 60,000IU/day. Will try adding pepper/piperizine to protocol. Not only did MAFActive cream boost rest of protocol enough to completely grow in new flesh and skin in wounds (in only three days), he is much livelier and peeing more: no more edema!: and his appetite is better. About the third time we used the cream, he had been shaking during his meal, and still afterward. I had a tiny smudge of cream on my finger and swiped it across his abdomen. In just under two seconds, he stopped shaking and grinned. If that’s not quick, I don’t know what is!

  19. Jennifer says:

    Shelley, BTW, great blog. Very succinct and informative. Thanks.

  20. Hi my wife has spinal stenosis, fibromialgia and arthritis immuno anddeficiency she’s tried alot of things and nothing has worked and it seems to get worse. Please help

  21. Dan Smith says:

    I was using injectable GOleic to prevent prostate cancer which runs in my family until the FDA working with customs banned it. GOleic is safe, effective, all natural and relatively cheap for what does. The FDA does the dirty work of the pharmaceutical Industry and works in this case against the best interests of the American people. The FDA is trying to stop the spread of Bio-identical GcMAF. Here is the reason. If all Americans got an annual Nagalase Blood Test and if a developing GcMAF Deficiency (Nagalase level increasing well above normal) is detected, this can be completely stopped and cured with Bio-identical GcMAF (GOleic or some other injectable Bio-identical GcMAF product) before a disease develops. This is the ultimate in preventative medicine. This would prevent thousands of diseases (all tumor forming cancers and dangerous viral diseases and others). This would revolutionize American healthcare and drastically cut healthcare costs across the board. This would save our healthcare system at the expense of conventional medicine. The FDA protects conventional medicine. Now you know the rest of the story. President Trump needs to implement this preventative strategy and have insurance cover an annual Nagalase Blood Test and Bio-identical GcMAF. This new mass prevention method will save the American Healthcare System, drastically cut costs and save lives.

  22. GcMAF has yoghurt has been life saving for my family. At 1.5yr Leukaemia, 5yr Autism, 16yr Graves’ disease. Endocrine professors all agreed the thyroid had to come out. iodine, selenium, vit D and a few other supplements helped massively and then progress slowed. The TSH would not come up. Then we discovered Bravo yoghurt and the TSH blood test result were massively better in one week. We were testing bloods every week and saw what worked and what didn’t Very Quickly. We noticed behaviour changes within 3 months and just through he was maturing. After 6 mths of Bravo though, he was a changed boy! Paying attention, finally getting my jokes without the explanation and intelligence improved off the charts. He was near the bottom of his class and went to the top in 6 months! He is now 18yo and very happy to have his thryoid. He is studying final year high school chemistry, physics and advanced mathematics all those difficult subjects I avoided at that age!

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  24. John Elliott says:

    All you GMafer make sure you are taking the correct K2 with your D-3 To work best it must be K-2 mk7 (Menaquoine)100mcg per 5,000 i.u. of D-3.

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