Heavy Metals

In several studies, levels of mercury, aluminum, uranium and lead have been found to be higher in autistic children than their peer controls. The results suggest that these children differ from their peers when it comes to the metabolism of these neurotoxic metals.

The most dangerous of the metals are listed below, and how we are exposed to these metals on a daily basis:

Lead: Lipstick, Jewelry, vinyl blinds, decorative coatings on dishwear, crockpots/slow cookers, batteries, fastening and trim on clothing, imported food in cans.

Mercury: Fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, amalgams (silver fillings), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Skin lightening creams or anti-aging products, appliance switches, thermometers, vaccinations.  Other mercury sources.

Here is published information stating that higher blood levels of mercury are related to autism.

Mercury Exposure and Children’s Health


Aluminum: Deodorant, Lotions, Soap, Shampoo/conditioner, cosmetics, household cleaners, soy-based baby formula, antacids, cake mix, cheese, foil, vaccinations.

Other heavy metals, such as nickel, titanium and silver can be found in our food and apparel.

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