Detoxing your home

Please visit Mary Cordaro’s web page for great information.

Visit EWG’s website for healthy living tips.

Purchase house plants that clean the air

Detoxing Your kitchen

Use glass containers for storage. Plastic leaches toxins into your foods and is carcinogenic.

Use plain glass dinnerware.  Most plates/bowls with designs contain lead.  Oneida Anchor, Fiesta dinneraware – only white, Corell – only white, no design.  Bed Bath and Beyond has various brands.

Use cast iron or stainless steel pots and pans. Use glass bake ware or stoneware. Nonstick leaches toxins into your food. They are carcinogenic.

Use stainless steel spoons, ladles, and spatulas. Plastic leaches toxins into the food.

Use baking soda and vinegar to clean with. Other chemical cleaners cause pollutants in your environment and should you decide not to use them, you are technically supposed to dispose of them at a hazardous materials site and not in your normal trash bin.


Detoxing your water

Use a water filter for your sink faucet(s) or use a water filter pitcher like the Ecobud Water Filter JugSantevia Water SystemKangen Water System or a Big Berkey Water Filter System

Here is some independent testing on different water filters.

Purchase a water filter for your shower head.  Here are some other options: Shower Filter with wand, Aquasana Shower FilterEnviro shower filters, ANESPA, Rainshowr Filters, New Wave Enviro Shower Filter System.

Purchase Vitamin C dechlorination tablets for your bath tub. (My kids do not get in the bath without one)

Purchase an Ozone generator for natural water purification.

See more information from


Detoxing Your Laundry

Molly’s Suds


Branch Basics

Ava Anderson


Honest Company

7th Generation

Charlie’s Soap


Soap Alternatives

Dr. Bronner’s

Miracle II Moisturizing soap

Ava Anderson Non Toxic

The Honest Company

Hugo Naturals

Clean Well


Detoxing your light bulbs

Here are your mercury free alternatives.  LED lighting information.


Easy Green Living by Renee Loux (most user friendly, cut to the chase book on how to detox your house and life etc., she makes it easy for you to make the changes.)


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