Since 1967, the Autism Research Institute has been collecting parent ratings of the usefulness of the medical and biomedical interventions they have tried.  Out of the data that has been collected from more than 26,000 parents, chelation is rated the highest for effectiveness.  Out of 1382 children, 74% of them saw improvements.

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Chelation and Autism:

In several studies, levels of mercury, aluminum, uranium and lead have been found to be higher in autistic children than their peer controls. The results suggest that these children differ from their peers when it comes to the metabolism of these neurotoxic metals.

This is a video of an autistic child before and after chelation therapy, which is highly effective when done safely and slowly, to remove heavy metals from the body.


What is chelation?

Chelation is the detoxification or removal of heavy metals from the body.  The process begins by introducing an agent into the body that molecularly attaches itself to a heavy metal, removes it from tissue, and flushes it into the bloodstream.  From there, it is ushered out through the kidneys and liver.  Chelators can come in a natural form, such as Vitamin C, or can be prescribed, such as DMPS or DMSA.

Is it dangerous?

Chelation has been a standard medical practice since World War I, when soldiers were exposed to arsenic-based poison gas.  It was used again, extensively, in World War II, when soldiers were exposed to lead.  Since the 1960’s it became a standard form of care for the heavy metal poisoning of arsenic, lead and mercury.

The chelation process is a medical procedure and, as with any medical procedure, it can include risks.

The CDC has documented 3 deaths from chelation, which were administered via IV in a hospital or clinical setting. The deaths were as a result of hypocalcemia due to the unintentional administration of the wrong chelation agent; Sodium EDTA, rather than Calcium EDTA (Na2EDTA vs CaEDTA).  Sodium EDTA (Na2EDTA) removes calcium from the blood, which was done rapidly, by IV. Rapid IV infusions are unnecessary for heavy metal chelation.

With that in mind, a child is more likely to die from Ritalin or Tylenol than chelation, when done slowly and safely.

Why the controversy?

Chelation is used to treat heavy metal poisoning.  The medical establishment views autism as a developmental disorder, which is a structural, unchangeable condition.  A connection between heavy metal poisoning and autism has not been researched by the mainstream medical/scientific community, thus the therapy is considered unproven, and potentially dangerous.

How are we being exposed?

Modern day society exposes us to heavy metals on a daily basis.  Exposure occurs from industrial plants, air pollution, water, foods, medicine and vaccines, cookware, home furnishings, lead-based paints or lead-based pipes, dental work, light bulbs, cosmetics and personal body care products.  Heavy metals such as aluminium, cadmium, fluoride, lead and mercury have become a normal part of our culture, despite their known dangers.

Hazards of being exposed

How do heavy metals affect us?

Heavy metals disrupt the body’s normal metabolic functioning, including hormonal and neurological processes, even at very small amounts.  They pass quickly through your body via your blood and are stored in vital tissue and organs, like the brain, heart, kidneys, liver and intestines.   The body has no natural mechanism to remove mercury from the brain.

Heavy metals interfere with your need for vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  For example, heavy metals like lead or cadmium will displace minerals like calcium and magnesium.  These toxic metals cannot fulfill the same role as your essential nutrients, which inhibits your natural health processes.

Heavy metal poisoning causes cell damage and eventually, cell death.

What are the Symptoms of heavy metal poisoning?

Poor Concentration
Immune Suppression
Impaired Learning
Speech Impairment
Sound Sensitivity/Hearing Loss
Allergies/Skin Rashes
Kidney Failure
Liver disease
Muscle Pain
Arthritis/Joint Pain
Poor Balance/Coordination

How do we test for it?

Doctors Data Hair Elements Test and Hair Testing Information and Interpretation Book

Urine Porphyrins Test and Interpretive Guide

A Urine Porphyrins test can also be obtained from France, by contacting the following lab:

Laboratoire Philippe Auguste
119 Avenue Philippe Auguste
75011 Paris France
Phone: 011 33 1 43 67 57 00

Urine Porphyrin Information


How do we chelate?

While there are a number of chelation protocols  and methods out there, it is believed that the AC protocol is the safest.  AC stands for Andrew Cutler.  Dr. Andrew Cutler is a biochemist who experienced mercury poisoning via his dental amalgams, which are 50% mercury by weight, according to the FDA.  Consequently, he discovered how to use heavy metal chelators, safely, according to their pharmaceutical half-life.

Information on how to implement Andrew Cutler’s protocol can be found in the following websites or books:

Regarding Caroline – Unofficial Guide

Autism Organized – Basic Protocol

Fight Autism and Win by Rebecca Claire, Jan Martin and Tressie Taylor

Amalgam Illness by Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler


Chelating Agents

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

  • Removes heavy metals from nervous system and brain (not known to remove lead or aluminum)
  • Must be given every 3 hours during chelation round
  • Cannot be used until 3 months after mercury exposure
  • Recommended to be taken on empty stomach; one hour before or two hours after a meal.

DMSA (Meso-2, 3-Dimercaptosuccinic acid)

  • Removes heavy metals from the body, but not the brain
  • Must be given every 4 hours during a chelation round
  • Can be used 4 days following mercury exposure

DMPS (2,3-Dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid) – Given by prescription only

  • Removes mercury and arsenic from the body (not the brain)
  • Must be given every 8 hours during chelation round


Before you begin:

The following supplements should be taken one month before starting chelation, and must continue, as you continue the protocol.  These introduce antioxidants into the body, open the detoxification pathway, and allow for a better immune response to the protocol.

Vitamin C sodium ascorbate – 500-1000mg divided 3 times per day
Magnesium Citrate – 300-600mg divided 3 times per day. Suggested brand: Natural Calm
Zinc picolinate – 1 mg/lb + 20 mg/day (50lbs = 50mg + 20 = 70mg)
Vitamin E – 400IU per day.  Suggested brand: Carlson’s E or NOW SUN- E:  
Carlson’s E  or NOW SUN- E

This is a great site for determining the Best Time to take Vitamins.

Helpful Tip #1:

Adrenal Fatigue can frequently arise when beginning chelation.   If your child exhibits the following symptoms, you should consider supplementing for adrenal support.

-Crying/whining for no reason
-Irritable behavior / Negative Overreactions
-Sleep Issues

Suggested Brands for Adrenal Support:

Biomax Adrenal Cortex Extract (dropper)
Thorne Adrenal Cortex (capsule)
Adrenergize (Capsule)
Ashwagandha (Capsule)

Helpful Tip #2

If your child has a problem with a yeast overgrowth in his digestive system, chelation can exacerbate this, causing associated behaviors.  Please review the information on yeast overgrowth and how to treat it.

A weakened immune system, from heavy metals, is typically the cause for the yeast overgrowth to begin with.  In addition to diet, chelation should help to alleviate this issue.


Supplement Support Suggestions during protocol:  **Note: Please introduce these one at a time to determine your child’s reaction to them.**

Milk Thistle or Bioray Liver Life for liver support, which is the major organ used for detoxification.

Betaine HCL for optimal stomach acidity and mineral absorption.

Vitamin D for immune function

Cod Liver Oil for immune function

Sublingual Methyl B-12 for immune function and detoxification

A good multi-vitamin with folate (not folic acid)

L-glutamine – An essential amino acid that is anti-inflammatory and necessary for the growth and repair of your intestinal lining.  It acts a protector and coats your cell walls, acting as a repellent to irritants.

Lithium Orotate – Essential mineral that protects cells from heavy metals and renews brain cells.  In a study published in the Lancet, 2000, Lithium actually increased brain gray matter.

Ginko BilobaA study has found that is is protective against mercury induced oxidative damage.


Supplement support suggestions when ending a round:

Selenium – Given 2-4 hours after last dose to immobilize mercury.  Essential trace mineral.

Activated Charcoal – Given 2-4 hours after the last dose to bind to mercury and flush out.

ProThera SpectraFiber – Given 2-4 hours after the last dose.  Fiber supplement without any irritating ingredients to sweep the digestive tract.

Epsom Salt Bath or Bentonite Clay Bath – Given the night of the end of the round.


**Important** A round must be stopped when one of the following occurs:

You miss a dose over 1 hour – this may cause heavy metals to redistribute into different tissues.

Fever above 102

The child vomits – this is akin to missing a dose.

Extreme Tiredness


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