Common Labs ordered by Biomedical doctors:

Organic Acid Test (OAT) and Price List

  • This PDF will help you interpret the results

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA)

Allergy testingIgE, IgG, IgM

23andMe or Amy Yasko – MTHFR

Heavy Metal – Urinary Porphyrin Testing or Labbio.net

Heavy Metal – Hair Toxic & Essential Element Kit


Minerals: Zinc, Magnesium, Iron

Vitamins: Vitamin D


Thyroid with reverse T3


Metametrix Optimal Nutrition Evaluation

More information can be found on TACAnow.org

Labs you can order without a doctor:

Private MD Labs

MyMedLab (use discount code AUTISM)

Lab Tests Plus

Life Extension Foundation  ($7/mo for membership) – Labs are done through LabCorp

In addition, look into HealthLink Partners.  After doing tests, doctor Kurt Woeller will provide a detailed analysis of your test results and provide you with a packet of information, including a CD-ROM of recorded lab analysis, and additional material regarding supplement support recommendations. 

Urinary Porphyrin lab from Labbio.net – Send an email to contact@labbio.net, requesting a urinary porphyrin test kit.  They will send you the kit.  The cost is $123.  The lab is in France and they do not take insurance.  They will send you the results via email when complete.  You can decipher the results using Dr. Rossignol’s article.

Here is more information on urinary porphyrin testing.

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