Finding a Doctor

MAPS doctors

Medical Academy of Pediatrics Special Needs

“This is a program developed by physicians, organized by physicians, and taught by physicians for physicians. Clinicians will need to go through a series of requirements before obtaining the level of Fellowship.”

The Age of Autism website has a great article describing this group of physicians.


DAN doctors

Defeat Autism Now


Integrative Pediatricians

Facebook Page with doctors listed by state.  Click on your state to read reviews about helpful pediatricians.

6 Responses to Finding a Doctor

  1. Adam Nettles says:

    I’m looking for a Doctor who treats people with Pyroluria in the Ann Arbor Michigan area

  2. Maria Clarke says:

    Dr Cindy Schneider from Phoenix is one of the best in the country and she teaches at the MAPS doctors

  3. Ruth says:

    My grandson was dignosed with autism at age 1.5 year. He is now 3.5 and we would like to know if GCMAF or GOleic will be the option to recovery. We reside in Connecticut and would like to know of any pediatrician offering this kind of Goleic or GCmaf treatment around our area. We are willing to travel to get him the treatments.

  4. reesa guarino says:

    Does anyone know of a Doctor in the NY area that treats Pyroluria. My son has been diagnosed via the urine test and I would like to consult with a professional in regard to the best protocol

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