Fraud and conflicts of interest

FL Rep. Bill Posey made a statement on the House floor 7/29/15. 11 years ago the CDC destroyed evidence of a “HUGE” association between MMR vaccination and autism. They pulled a large garbage can into the room and discarded all the documents. Dr. William Thompson kept hard copies of everything and came forward in August, 2014 to report this. Report

How Independent are Vaccine Defenders – a CBS News Story

Merck being sued by own scientists for trying to defraud Gov’t and report inaccurate efficacy numbers.

CDC Researcher among Most Wanted – Dr. Poul Thorsen was indicted for stealing $1 million dollars of CDC research money during his autism/vaccine research work with the CDC. This called into question the validity of two of the largest studies he was involved in (which showed no vaccine/autism link): Thimerosal and the occurrence of autism: negative ecological evidence from Danish population-based data, Madsen K, Thorsen P, et al,Pediatrics 2003; and A population-based study of MMR vaccination and autism, Madsen K, Thorsen P, et al, New England Journal of Medicine 2002 (6.)

When You Know You’re Being Lied To by Beth Clay, Staff of the House Oversight Committee.

In June 2000, the U.S. House of Representatives released results on an investigation revealing that the rules employed by the FDA and CDC were weak, enforcement was lax, and committee members with substantial ties to vaccine manufacturers had been allowed to participate in committee meetings. The report also found that:

  • The CDC routinely granted waivers from the conflict-of-interest rules to every member of the ACIP (the board that approves vaccines)
  • Members who were not allowed to vote on a vaccine due to financial conflicts were still allowed to deliberate and advocate for that vaccine during meetings from which they should have been banned
  • The chairman of the ACIP at that time owned 600 shares of stock in Merck (a maker of vaccines, including the MMR vaccine)
  • The ACIP members did not always provide accurate financial disclosure statements.

The full report is available here:

CDC Cover Up –  There is substantial evidence that the CDC has had knowledge that thimerosol in vaccines has neurological risks, yet covered them up.  For example, data showing a relationship between thimerosal exposure and autism are withheld from three of the CDC’s publications purporting thimerosal to be safe. (Price et al. 2010, Verstraeten et al. 2003 and Madsen et al. 2003).

Congressional C-SPAN video showing conflict of interest and lack of studies

Other sources of information:

Are you being lied to? written in response to Dear Parents, You are being lied to

Rehash of old studies

Paul Offit threatens vaccine exemptions

Who Owns the Science

Proof That Vaccines Didn’t Eradicate Disease

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