Chlorine is used in drinking water and swimming pool water to kill harmful bacteria.  It is also used as part of the sanitation process for industrial waste and sewage.  According to the EPA, it is classified as a pesticide.  Chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent and irritant, harmful to eyes and skin, the respiratory passages and lungs.

A study published in the online issue of Pediatrics on Sept. 14, 2009 found that children who swim frequently in chlorinated pools may have increased risks of developing allergies or asthma.   Teens who spent more than 1,000 hours swimming in chlorinated pools had more than eight times the risk of developing asthma or allergies, compared to kids who usually swam in pools using a copper-silver disinfecting method.

Chlorine not only kills the bad bacteria that can make us sick, but it also kills good bacteria. Chlorinated water destroys the friendly bacteria in our intestines, which is responsible for the digestion of food, the production of vital vitamins/minerals, and is responsible for 70% of our immune system.

Among adults, exposure to chlorine in swimming pools has been linked to bladder cancer, rectal cancer and, possibly, an increased risk for coronary heart disease.

To protect yourself when swimming

Take 1 capsule of Taurine, away from food.  This is an amino acid that detoxifies chlorine.

Wash thoroughly before entering the pool

Use a coconut oil based sunscreen, which can be used as a barrier

Consider wearing a mask and snorkel to shield your eyes while swimming

Use Swim Spray to neutralize chlorine upon getting out of the pool.  You can make your own by simply mixing 1 teaspoon of powdered vitamin C (like this one) with two cups of filtered water in a spray bottle.

Shower quickly and thoroughly to wash the chlorine off your skin with soap.

Take Bioray NDF or NDF Plus, which is a detox agent.


To protect yourself in the shower or bath tub

Purchase a water filter for your shower head

Purchase Vitamin C dechlorination tablets for your bath tub. (My kids do not get in the bath without one)

Purchase a Big Berkey Water Filter System for your entire home


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