Boost the Immune System and Beat Illness

We have come upon a fall season where our health is of great concern.  As many know, it is flu season, and we are constantly urged to get a flu vaccine that is not only ineffective, but also dangerous.

Ultimately, it is important to build and maintain a healthy immune system…NOW.  Adopt healthy living strategies.  Start with limiting your sugar.  Sugar can reduce your body’s defenses by 75% or more, for 4-6 hours after ingestion.  Note that starchy foods, like potatoes, turn to sugar once digested, as do carbohydrates, like pasta.

So, what happens if you get sick?  In addition to boosting the immune system, whenever anyone is sick, it is important to attack the cause (virus, bacteria, fungus).  You need to have something that destroys the pathogen, such as colloidal silver, Manuka honey, garlic, proteolytic enzymes and many other supplements, which I’ve listed below.


Elderberry –
The key to preventing a virus from proliferating cells and replicating enough to cause symptoms is to strengthen the cells outer layer. Elderberry does this very well! Once sick elderberry only provides a mild boost in immunity from the Vit C and other nutrients in it. Therefore, it is best used daily as a preventive.  This will only boost the immune system.

Vit C
Your cannot overdose on Vit C because it’s water soluble and passes through your urine. You can experience uncomfortable symptoms with mega-doses, such as headache, nausea or diarrhea. In the case of Vit C, diarrhea may actually be a good sign. It means you are at the dose in which the cell has reached its maximum capacity for Vit C. When this happens, you can reduce the dose by 500mg and continue daily.  This will only boost the immune system.

ViraStop 2X by Enzymedica
Viruses are made up of proteins. “Proteolytic enzymes” dissolve and DESTROY virus proteins within seconds of contact.  Proteolytic Enzymes are a MUST HAVE on hand at all times.  The enzymes work fast so you only have to take them for 24-72 hours depending on the severity of symptoms.  How enzymes work.

Colloidal Silver
Kills bacteria, viruses and fungus.
*** Colloidal silver destroys good gut flora, like a pharmaceutical antibiotic.  When using colloidal silver you have to replace gut flora with probiotics.
***DON’T BE AFRAID…most suggested doses on products, especially herbs and supplements are too low.  This is the recommended dosage by an ND.
Newborns – 4 months can have 1/4 tsp every 4-5 hours.
5 months- 2yrs can have 1 tsp every 4 hours
2-6 yrs can have 2 tsp every 4 hours
6-12 yrs can take 1 tbsp every 6 hours
12 and up can have anywhere from 1 – 4 tbsp every 4-6 hours.
Maximum length of time you should take silver is 3 weeks. Only due to gut bacteria issue. If you are on probiotics and not having any GI issues you can continue as needed.

An amino acid that has proven/potent antiviral properties.

Vit D
A natural antiviral and has many immune benefits.  It has been tested specifically with the flu virus. (400 IU-10,000 IU’s)

Manuka Honey
Kills many bacteria and viruses (specifically flu viruses). It is just as powerful as colloidal silver.  Be sure to get a quality product that is bioactive. New Zealand Manuka Honey is best.

Grape Seed Extract or Resveratrol
Both are potent antioxidants that have been proven to have antiviral and immune boosting properties. Antioxidants protect cells and ensure that healthy cells are reproduced.

Astragalus Root
potent immune booster and has been shown to do well with respiratory viruses. Herbs For Kids sells a great product formulated for young children and is combined with Echinacea.


If you can’t get everything, please consider the absolute essentials:
1. Vit C and elderberry – Take every day for prevention.
2. Proteolytic enzymes or Colloidal Silver – If sick or exposed to someone sick (these attack the pathogens)
3. Astragalus – significant immune boost
4. Vit C – significant immune boost with large doses
5. Grapeseed Extract or resveratrol – Attack pathogens and very good boost to the immune system.


Here are other Immune Boosting Supplements:

Probiotics – Reduces Diarrhea and respiratory tract infections.  Probiotics can come in a bottle, in fermented foods (ie pickles, saurkraut), fermented drinks (ie Kombucha), and fermented dairy products (ie yogurt, kefir).



Sinupret for adults

Sinupret for kids

Echinacea – May reduce severity of cold symptoms

NAC – good for mucous elimination


HyssinolHyssop is good for respiratory infections and colds.

Goot (Garlic oil salve)

First Defense

Antivirals: Olive leaf extract, Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Oil of Oregano (see more info below). Vitamin A (Fermented Cod Liver Oil), Vitamin E.



Radish/Garlic/Onion (see links above)

Lemon or lemonade (reduce sugar)

Apple Cider Vinegar

Chamomile tea

Rooibos Tea (Roi boss)- Summaries of Rooibos health research.

Hemp Seeds – Hemp Protein contains all 20 Amino Acids including the 9 Essential Amino Acids.  It also contains vitamin A, E, D, many B vitamins, sodium, calcium, dietary fiber and iron.



Master tonic

Fire Cider

Energy & Antioxidant drink (Essential oils optional)

Garlic Soup


Alternatives: Essential Oils

Diffuse Four Thieves or Plague Defense
Diffuse OnGuard
Diffuse Purify
Oil of Oregano – Put on bottom of feet every night (with carrier oil).  This destroys good gut flora, like a pharmaceutical antibiotic.  You have to replace gut flora with probiotics.
Olive Leaf Extract
Breathe – apply to chest and back.


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